Trial workshop with project participants


On the 3rd and 4th of July 2018 project partners adelphi and Polish Network Energy Cites organized in Warsaw the REVIPOWER’s trial workshop. The meeting gathered specialists’ from REVIPOWER’s working group as well as Polish and German external experts.

Revipower Trial Workshop

During the workshop the project team, structured in a participatory manner, the overall two-and-a-half day training for local government and non-governmental organizations’ representatives, dedicated to the resource and energy efficient revitalization in Polish cities.

Gathered knowledge was presented and discussed by participants and finally divided into five thematic areas (Modules).

Module 1. Revitalization - the multidimensional perspective

Module 2. Lively cities, lively districts- revitalization as a strategic intervention into the city structure

Module 3. Better housing – heathier, more efficient and citizen friendly buildings and districts

Module 4. Civic participation

Module 5. Process management

Each Module had a dedicated session summarized by adelphi’s ‘toolification’ process. In consequence each REVIPOWERs’ training module will consists of a full set of education materials such as: i) Energizers, ii) Input Presentations iii) Exercises

Additionally trial workshop created a unique opportunity for the REVIPOWER’s multiplicators to gain a first-hand understanding and „live experience“ of interactive training tools designed and used within adelphi’s workshop practice.