REVIPOWER working group

REVIPOWER Model Training Programme  is designed in a participatory manner by the working group of experts, practitioners with support of external experts from Poland and Germany. The working group consisting of polish experts is developing the REVIPOWER training, to create a tool for energy and resource efficient neighborhood renewals in Polish cities, addressed to local governments and non-governmental organizations engaged in the sustainable urban renewals. The working group consists of representatives of local and national authorities and organizations involved in the revitalization processes of Polish cities.

REVIPOWER interdisciplinary working group members:


Working group coordinators:


Project partner representatives for the Association of Municipalities Polish Network “Energie Cités” (PNEC):

Experts supporting REVIPOWER:

Laura Düpre - expert from Caritasverband Frankfurt e. V. coordinating the Stromspar-check Programme.

Przemysław Derwich - expert on the holistic approach towards urban revitalisation, Wroclaw Revitalization.

Maciej M. Mycielski - architect, urbanist from MAU, leaders on sustainable urban planning in Poland.

Arkadiusz Węglarz - PhD, expert on deep building thermal modernization, The Warsaw University of Technology.

Pia Von Zadow – Landscape architect, expert from the project Potsdam Drewitz district revitalization financed by the KfW 432 Programme.

Leszek Drogosz - Director of the Infrastructure Office at the City Hall of the Capital City Warsaw.

Carsten Hagenau - expert on participatory approach in revitalization processess, PROJEKTKOMMUNIKATION GmbH, Gartenstadt Potsdam-Drewitz. 

Saskia Luehrs - Head of Communications, Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe.

Grażyna Adamczyk-Arns - Head of Wroclaw Revitalization.

Camille Serre - adelphi.

Lisa Schnieder - adelphi.